Car PC Install.

Well the story of my Car PC starts off a few months or even years ago when I still had my Ford Fiesta. Being me I wanted to upgrade my standard head unit to something a little more functional(running around with a stack of CD’s that have ~20 tracks each is fun for a while, […]

Learning Serial Communication

This morning I decided its about time I learnt how to use the UART hardware in most PIC microcontrollers. I started off with a USB-RS-232 converter that I got for US$3 from DealExtreme. There are a few reasons why I used a converter, firstly being because my main PC no longer has an RS-232 port […]

LED Strip

On Tuesday morning a box of goodies arrived for me from china- Super-bright LED Strips :D. We’ll technically they are for the family electronic business but since they are samples I get to play with them and review them 😛 Here’s a quick look of whats in the box: (please forgive the quality of the […]