Vegetable Garden

A few months ago I decided it would be quite fun to keep my own little vegetable garden in my spare time, and just grow a whole assortment of things that could be eaten. This idea quickly spiraled out of control into the monstrosity it is now… A pic micro-controlled, serially data-logged, moisture and temperature monitored automated growing area. xD…

LFS Dashboard Pt1

Well where to start on this one… I suppose my initial inspiration came from this post on HackADay, This lead me to the discovery of Live For Speed and my new gaming addiction! It wasnt long before I had a C# program connecting to the LFS out-gauge API and displaying tachometer info on a small […]

Simple Home Automation

This was originally posted on another blog that I posted on occasionally, but has unfortunately become spam ridden.. thus I will not be linking to it.(Matt sort your blog out :P)  I will however take this opportunity to copy it verbatim as my first post on RobThePyro Hacks It 😉 … Right time for my […]