Servo Blind Automation with MSP430

A while ago I modified a little 8-gram servo I had lying around for constant rotation and attached it to the blade pitch adjust(is thats what you call it!? 😕 ) mechanism in my blinds.  I’ve been meaning to build a simple controller for it for ages, so the other night I grabbed my MSP430 […]

Pic 12f683 Blinds Control

Check out what I made today after 4 hours of tinkering… More to come 😉 ~Rob.

LFS Dashboard Pt1

Well where to start on this one… I suppose my initial inspiration came from this post on HackADay, This lead me to the discovery of Live For Speed and my new gaming addiction! It wasnt long before I had a C# program connecting to the LFS out-gauge API and displaying tachometer info on a small […]