Vegetable Garden

A few months ago I decided it would be quite fun to keep my own little vegetable garden in my spare time, and just grow a whole assortment of things that could be eaten. This idea quickly spiraled out of control into the monstrosity it is now… A pic micro-controlled, serially data-logged, moisture and temperature monitored automated growing area. xD…

gfx Overclocking

I have the new Fallout. It is amazing. Finally I have a new game that I enjoy and that my graphics card(MSI NGTX275 Lightning) cant run on ULTRA on my HD 1920×1080 screen without a tiny bit of lag, Which means I now have an excuse to overclock this card! 😀 More than its factory […]

Car PC Install.

Well the story of my Car PC starts off a few months or even years ago when I still had my Ford Fiesta. Being me I wanted to upgrade my standard head unit to something a little more functional(running around with a stack of CD’s that have ~20 tracks each is fun for a while, […]