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Setup an OctoPrint Botfarm on Linux / Ubuntu with Multiple Instances

I’ve done this before. It was a while ago and there were problems to solve but I did get it working. Then I had to set it up again and ran into exactly the same problems! At this point I cursed myself and spent hours googling to solve the same problems.. And so we arrive here where I will explain what I did for your benefit and hopefully prevent myself from going insane in the future 🙂


Joburg Adventure!

Last week I flew up to Joburg to visit some of the Uni’s I might be studying at next year, see some friends, and also had the opportunity to go out with a sales person who supply’s many different PCBoard manufacturing machines from SMT pick and place, to re-flow ovens and even optical inspection machines. Here are some pics I grabbed along the way 🙂

This is my good mate Johannes who is busy treating me to a Steers chicken burger at the University of Pretoria, which he swears is the most amazing thing you can have there!

Me Enjoying said burger, It was GOOOODDD cant you tell? 😛

This I one of the Drilling machines at Circuit city that I went to visit, the base was made of pure marble to keep it accurate and the speed it drilled the PCB’s was amazing!

Pick and place machine making automated gate PCB’s at Centurion systems.

Optical Inspection machine checking stuff out!

All in all the trip was great and I managed to see a whole bunch of interesting things! Hopefully I’ll be able to check out Cape Town soon aswell!



3D Packaging Tetris

Unfortunately I’ve been really busy ATM with work and haven’t had a time to write a post about my automated veggie patch! 😀 but we’ll get to that eventually….

What I have been working on is how to improve the postal system on since we are using a really inefficient ‘Table’ method where the total weight of all the items combined is converted to a price depending on the method of shipping (door to door/overnight/economy etc..) unfortunately this system is very inaccurate for different sized orders going to different areas close and far, and results in under recovering on some orders and over recovering on others… not very fair for the customers. What we want to do is move to a system that sends the dimensions/weight/customers postal code to the web interface of our shipping company and calculate an accurate price on the fly… A much more advanced/professional service along the lines of some of the big names like

Initially this didn’t sound to difficult until I delve into the problem of dimensions and volume. Basically I need to come up with a formula/procedure that the server can run that takes how ever many items are in the customers order and their dimensions (length x breadth x height) and decide what the smallest box of a standard set of boxes(which we’ll will have to decide on and specify) that they will fit into is and send that off to the shippers. Not an easy feat, and just to complicate the matter further, if the items don’t all fit inside the largest specified box then the order must be split between two or more boxes… + we have to keep weights in mind! if the weight of the container box reaches a certain point the order must also be broken into 2 or more boxes… so afaik I need to write a program to simulate Tetris in 3D with different sized boxes! xD I suddenly have a much greater respect for the automated shipping calculators on some sites!

I think the solution is going to have to be quite creative… I’m open to suggestion!

-on a side note I’m looking for a graphic designer to give me a hand with aesthetics/layout/graphics… contact me if your interested