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RepRap Update 1

Just a quick update on the RepRap Prusa project! 😀
Received all the printed parts and alot of the hardware needed to assemble, from a popular eBay seller (his site)

Went on a crazy mission to find 2nd hand NEMA17 motors for R50 !! 😀 I have some NEMA23’s but they were too big… hope to design a mod to the reprap in the future to take the nema23’s

Assembled Wade’s extruder:


Hobbed my first bolt using the file and M5 thread tap method, came out pretty well for a first attempt I think!

Unfortunately made a major mistake with my sanguinololu boards.. put the transparencies on back to front!~facepalm~ ordered a replacement off ebay for ~R100, will try make some more boards when I get the time..

Thats it for now kids!

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I ordered from Makerfarm last week, wondering how long your order took to get here and what did customs charge?

Keen to see more of your progress, I am getting the full set so will be up and running asap. I also have LOTS of filament on the way at a good price so let me know if you keen.


Hi Cameron!! sorry for the laaate reply :/
order took about 3 or 4 weeks, customs was around R80 I think, to tooo bad… should hopefully have some progress to post in the next week or two, keep an eye out 😀
woo interesting what type/size/colour filament are you bringing?? I’d deff be interested! 😀

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