Joburg Adventure!

Last week I flew up to Joburg to visit some of the Uni’s I might be studying at next year, see some friends, and also had the opportunity to go out with a sales person who supply’s many different PCBoard manufacturing machines from SMT pick and place, to re-flow ovens and even optical inspection machines. Here are some pics I grabbed along the way 🙂

This is my good mate Johannes who is busy treating me to a Steers chicken burger at the University of Pretoria, which he swears is the most amazing thing you can have there!

Me Enjoying said burger, It was GOOOODDD cant you tell? 😛

This I one of the Drilling machines at Circuit city that I went to visit, the base was made of pure marble to keep it accurate and the speed it drilled the PCB’s was amazing!

Pick and place machine making automated gate PCB’s at Centurion systems.

Optical Inspection machine checking stuff out!

All in all the trip was great and I managed to see a whole bunch of interesting things! Hopefully I’ll be able to check out Cape Town soon aswell!







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