Experimentation! Project Logs RepRap

The beggining of my RepRap saga…

I’ve been looking into the RepRap project for a while now and have finally decided to build one myself! 😀 This is the start of the gathering of materials and some experimentation with double sided PCB’s…

Experimentation! Project Logs

Servo Blind Automation with MSP430

A while ago I modified a little 8-gram servo I had lying around for constant rotation and attached it to the blade pitch adjust(is thats what you call it!? 😕 ) mechanism in my blinds.  I’ve been meaning to build a simple controller for it for ages, so the other night I grabbed my MSP430 launchpad and some G2001 chips I had lying around. This was the result:

Experimentation! LED's Project Logs

LED Suits :D (Part 1)

This project started as a small idea several months ago for led overalls to attend a new years eve(and other) party with. The idea was simple enough: grab some white overalls, wire them up with LED’s and a controller, then go adventure and ‘wow’ some people! heh, easier said than done..