Setup an OctoPrint Botfarm on Linux / Ubuntu with Multiple Instances

I’ve done this before. It was a while ago and there were problems to solve but I did get it working. Then I had to set it up again and ran into exactly the same problems! At this point I cursed myself and spent hours googling to solve the same problems.. And so we arrive […]

Hantek PPS 2320A Tear-down and Repair Part 1

I finally decided it was time to purchase a half decent lab power supply. After a bit of research and this great review by Hacked Gadgets I settled on the Hantek PPS-2320A 3 channel bench PSU. Being one of the cheapest 3 channel supplies around, I knew there would be issues.. But hey! Things get […]

RepRap Part 3 – It Lives!! :D

/suddenly a wild Prusa appears!