Experimentation! misc Project Logs

This weekends creations…

EPIC Soldering!

This weekend we were graced with two public holidays, giving some much needed time to catch up on some projects.. I managed to make two small things: first above you will see the smallest thing I have ever soldered! A lithium ion battery charger IC from Texas Instruments, the BQ24026, which comes in a 3x3mm 10SON package! I originally planned to make some breakout boards for these guys but as usual time was an issue..

Experimentation! Project Logs

Servo Blind Automation with MSP430

A while ago I modified a little 8-gram servo I had lying around for constant rotation and attached it to the blade pitch adjust(is thats what you call it!? 😕 ) mechanism in my blinds.  I’ve been meaning to build a simple controller for it for ages, so the other night I grabbed my MSP430 launchpad and some G2001 chips I had lying around. This was the result:


Aweh Vac-week. no Aweh Durban.

Time has gone faster than usual, as usual. 😛 The first term of University is over for me, so we have a nice week long break before the beginning of the second term of the first semester. Assuming I passed all my tests this term I guess I’m 1/16th of the way towards my degree 😀
Moving on, I decided it would be to expensive and a bit pointless really to travel all the way back home for the vac-week, yet most of everyone I have met here have gone to their respective homes for the holiday… I guess that just gives me some nice down time to catch up on my urge’s to MAKE something! 😀
I do however have a few activity’s planned; next weekend I should be attending the Subaru Owners Club Dyno Day to hav a play with some other Scoobys and meet some new people 😀 Also, last night I attended the open evening at the SAAO – (South African Astronomical Observatory?) which was AWESOME, Definitely going there again, first time I have actually seen the rings of Saturn through a telescope. 😀 😀

This last week I received 3 MSP430 Launchpads from Texas Instruments! 😀

Since I haven’t yet given in (although I think the time is fast approaching…) and bought some Arduinos, these are going to be the first dev boards I’v played with and I have some interesting little ideas for projects so keep checking back. 😉

In other news my flat mate and I went out today and bought a microwave! 😀 you dont realize how important such item is until you dont have one for 2 months 😛 Now we just need to get ADSL!!! which has turned out to be a mission as usual… hopefully they are coming to install soon, because 3G just doesn’t have enough cap to get me through the month!!! 🙁